Dallas Arboretum Engagement Portraits with Liz and Nick


Welcome to spring break in Dallas with amazing weather and the Dallas Arboretum in full bloom! The flowers were so colorful and there were so many folks there to witness this beautiful park blanketed with amazing tulips and other various flowers! I met Liz and Nick for the first time last week and we started to get to know each other during their engagement photography. She’s in law school where my cousin and his girlfriend go in San Antonio, St. Mary’s and he’s an Airman in Virgina. They met in college, she’s originally from Dallas and he’s from North Carolina. They are planning their wedding for 2016 for the Dallas area. He’s heavily lobbying for South Fork Ranch … True “Dallas” style for the wedding 😉 He proposed last summer in Galveston, Texas at a beach house. While setting up to start photographing, I noticed his tattoo at the start of the session and it read, “Honor before Dishonor” in Arabic. I loved it so much I made sure we made a photograph with it, her ring and some holly berries in the background to match her red dress. We were headed out of the park, when I spotted some amazing light and a path lined with lots of color. I stopped in my tracks and guided them in for some of my favorites from their engagement portraits. I had such a great time getting to know these two! Thanks for hanging out with me and laughing at my terrible jokes, snuggling up in over-crowded places and sharing your story with me! I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

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  1. Thanks!!!!!! They look fantastic, can’t wait till we get a date in a couple of years and get you to do our wedding! I Nick has it his way, it will be at South Fork 🙂

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