Teresa’s Snowy Wintery Portraits


I am so excited to share this personal session. Its a break from my normal Dallas wedding photography posts, but a great fun and artistic exercise us creatives need for recharging our creative juices! I can’t believe the yo-yo weather we have had in the Dallas Fort Worth area this year. I mean, Texas weather is usually pretty unpredictable, but it snowed yesterday and the high for tomorrow’s Dallas wedding is 57 degrees. I am not complaining one bit. Its amazing to have seasons and seeing snow in Texas is always a treat. Yesterday snow was in the forecast and I posted a status update on my Facebook fan page that I wanted a couple to shoot in it. Teresa responded that she and her husband would be brave and come out for me to play. She’s a friend and mega-talented wedding photographer as well! Shout out!!! —–> her website. The roads were a bit nastier than we anticipated and her husband, Kyle was going to have trouble making it to us in time and then getting back to work. She had a new dress from Anthropologie and it was perfect for this treat. She texted me a picture of her outfit paired with her red lips and immediately she reminded me of Snow White! It was going to be fun. I knew we didn’t have a ton of time, because who wants to stand around and smile in 16 degrees and wet snow? Sports Illustrated models and Eskimos? Well, she modeled her heart out for me for about 20 minutes and was so patient … a few times she had to lift her toesies out of the snow because they were getting too numb, but other than that … she was a powerhouse and whoa, gorgeous!!

dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-amykarp-personal-snow-project-017

4 thoughts on “Teresa’s Snowy Wintery Portraits”

  1. I don’t know how you did. You made winter beautiful again! These photos are lovely! It actually makes winter a tad bit warmer.

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