Ashley & Kyle’s Dallas Engagement Portraits


Wedding stories that make your heart beat a little faster, your eyes get teary, your lips to smile all the way from ear to ear….that’s the kind of wedding Ashley and Kyle are planning and I am pumped to have been selected as their photographer. The kind of wedding photography we see and go, “Awwww…that’s the sweetest thing ever!” I posted about it on my Facebook page (you can like it if you want!) when they booked me to be their Dallas wedding photographer. To bring you up to speed,  they are having their Grandmothers as flower girls and their Grandfather is officiating the wedding!! Stop..just stop…..that’s just insanely awesome. There are some other amazing details they are planning for their Dallas Arboretum Wedding this fall, but I will leave some element of surprise for the wedding. These two folks are some busy bees. Their work schedules usually keep them terribly busy. All of our schedules aligned for an awesome day to take their engagement photographs. It was meant to be for sure. The Dallas weather has been pretty unpredictable this year, so when the forecast called for high’s in the 70’s I knew it was going to be magic.

Here’s a fun photographer first … As we walked down and I started to get them into position for their first pose, she said she forgot her ring in the cleaner. She shuffled home on the quick and made it back to us in no time. I think it’s quite possible her real job might be a racecar driver and the liquor sales thing is a cover-up 😉

I had a blast with you both and can’t wait for your upcoming wedding. It’s going to be a tear-jerker for sure. I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last. See you two kids soon!



























12 thoughts on “Ashley & Kyle’s Dallas Engagement Portraits”

  1. I am SO happy to finally have these done, and so pleased that they turned out so well! You have such a great talent, Amy, and considering how much all this means to us, we feel very fortunate to have someone of your caliber to photograph it… and make us look good! I have had nothing but compliments; it has to be that “fancy camera” (lol)! Thanks a million and so glad you will be there to capture our BIG DAY!!!!

  2. WOW, stunning!!!! I am so very excited for you. You all are a beautiful couple!!! Best Wishes. Hey Kyle, your jeans look a little dirty….just sayin’. Love to you both!!!!

  3. What a happy beautiful couple!!! Kyle, I love your blue tennis shoes – you should wear these for the wedding! And Ashley! Didn’t your Mother tell not to play in traffic! I bet a lot of downtown drivers were telling the story of a movie being filmed when they saw y’all in the street. Keep smilin’…love, Aunt Kathie

  4. Ash & Kyle – Beautiful Photos! I loved the downtown background pictures, such beautiful colors. How many “honks” did you get in downtown? You two are the prettiest couple ever. We can’t wait for your wedding. Love Andy & Jared

  5. So very beautiful!!! Great photographer! My favorite is the one if y’all kissing in downtown. I cannot wait for the BIG day!!!!

  6. Great pictures! My fav is where you are crossing the street with traffic and lights. Can hardly wait to see how the wedding pictures turn out. Congrats to both of you!!

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