Kelley and Matt’s Airport Maternity Session


I am so happy to share this post. I am happy for Kelley and Matt and their growing family. I am happy to shoot a personal project where I could let my creative juices flow. I don’t photograph many maternity sessions. Sometimes I take on projects that aren’t my wedding specialty to recharge my creativity as and artist. Its fun to see how I see different life moments. My underwater photography specialization was born from this very thing. This session came at a wonderful time as I gear up for this year’s wedding season. We have some amazing weddings on the books this year and I am pumped about photographing each and every one of those couple’s stories!

You may recognize this gorgeous couple from their film-inspired Dallas engagement session and her vineyard bridals I photographed a couple of years ago before their wedding. Kelley and Matt have a stellar wedding business. They produce amazing cinematic wedding films and we LOVE watching them and working with them as wedding professionals. Matt is currently attending flight school to get his commercial pilot’s license and it was only fitting we shoot the session at an airport with an awesome antique yellow airplane…HELLO! Kelley arranged absolutely everything. She provided me with the most amazing canvas and paints to play with for their maternity session. Thank you both for being such amazing people that I am proud to call friends. Your little one has some pretty awesome parents! I can’t wait to meet the baby who has no name in just a few short weeks 😉 (remember, Leroy Jackson!!! … its got a good ring to it 😉 )

dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-002 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-003 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-004 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-005 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-006 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-007 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-008 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-009 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-010 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-011 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-012 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-013 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-014 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-015 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-016 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-017 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-018 dallas-family-photographer-maternity-portraits-with-a-plane-kelley-matt-019

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