Lauren & Derek at 3825 S Bowen in Arlington Texas


Meet Lauren and Derek! Two cool cats in love and not afraid to show it. In the spirit of engagement season being upon us and many couples moving into a new stage of their relationships (BEING ENGAGED!!), I am excited to share these pre-wedding engagement photos of Lauren and Derek with all of you. We were at the ever-so-awesome 3825 S Bowen. It was once a working dairy farm. This spot is really great and an amazing location for some rustic feeling portraits. I have been doing a ton of amazing outdoor beauty sessions there. You get the feel you are in the middle of the country, when in fact, we are just minutes from a bustling urban area in Arlington Texas (about 45 minutes West of Dallas). Lauren and Derek are too cute … she’s in the medical field and he’s in the oil and gas industry. They showed up ready to snuggle and were full of giggles. Two of my main ingredients for my portraits for sure!! I just love the squishy nose laugh the best and I was able to get several of those from Lauren. We could not have asked for better weather for their engagement session. They are getting married next year at Lake Tahoe…ahhhh! It was such a great time to get to know you better and be able to capture such true emotion from you both. We wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-3825-bowen-arlington-lauren-derek-016

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