Jannie, John and Bailey … party of three! Your bay at Top Golf is now available!

      I sat across from Jannie and John as we talked about photography for their upcoming Dallas Wedding at City Place. They shared about how they have been friends for a really long time, but they knew it was something more than a friendship one night at Top Golf when John brushed the small of Jannie’s back. It was only fitting we go back there to tell more of that story for their engagement portraits. We called Top Golf to find out if they would allow photography there and as luck would have it, they were so accommodating and reserved a bay for us to take some photos. The weather in Dallas has really started to cool off, so it was an excellent day for an awesome engagement session. They brought along their dog, Bailey and he was so handsome and dapper in his bow tie! We then made our way over to Watters Creek for some of the session. I am always on the lookout for amazing light and great backdrops and we passed a wall at Z Gallery that had literally been lit by the Gods. It was some amazing light and Jannie’s emerald dress looked ahhhmazing in front of it! Don’t take my word for it….be sure to scroll to the end and see this beauty for yourself. Jannie & John it was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you and I can’t wait to photograph your upcoming Dallas wedding! You guys did amazing πŸ™‚

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      Very expressive pictures! So natural and lovely! Congrats to the happy couple!

      So happy for the two of you. The pictures are stunning, and y’all look so fabulously happy. Best wishes for along and happy future together. πŸ™‚

      Fabulous photos!

      Congratulations! Beautiful Pictures! Cute Couple!

      Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Congratulations!

      These pictures are absolutely fantastic. The photographer did a great job capturing the happiness, and the puppy was a great touch!

      Beautiful, Happy Couple!! Congratulations Jannie!

      Looking good you two! Again, thanks for making it out to Golden this weekend. See you in a few weeks!

      Tremendous shots. Simply beautiful.

      Beautiful photos and a cute couple πŸ™‚

      Looking good! Congrats Jannie and John!

      Beautiful! Congrats!

      Wonderful pictures

      Jannie I want those boots!! BTW, y’all are such a great lookin’ couple!

      Thank you everyone!
      Amy, the photos you took of us are AMAZING. I can’t imagine a more talented photographer capturing such a playful side of us. We’re looking forward to having you shoot our wedding next month!

      Congratulations! Lovely photos.

      beautiful shots! You both look so happy. Congratulations!

      Congrats! May your journey together be filled with magical mo-ments and memories. Love. Health. Peace. Happiness. Blessings. Best. Hugs.

      Congratulations and wonderful pictures.

      Absolutely gorgeous πŸ™‚

      Awesome pictures!!!


      Bailey is so cute. I hope that you will incorporate him into the wedding as well. πŸ™‚

      Beautiful photos! Congratulations!!

      Jannie and John,
      Beautiful Pictures!!!!!! πŸ™‚
      I am ecstatic for you!!!

      Congrats again. Love the pics!

      Congrats!!! Beautiful to watch !

      Love them all. So sweet..

      Congratulations, lookin’ great!

      Beautiful shots! Happy for you.

      These are gorgeous! So light-hearted and fun, but totally sincere. And that light with the green dress is Ah-mazing!!

      Awesome pictures! – Congrats!

      Congrats!! Happy for you!!

      So sweet! Congratulations!

      Gorgeous pics of a gorgeous couple!

      LOVE the pics~ Congrats Jannie!!

      Gorgeous pics! Congrats and enjoy every moment!

      Great pics Jannie, congrats to you both !!!

      Beautiful! Me likey! Congrats Janie!

      The pictures look amazing Jannie. Congrats to the two of you on everything and for looking amazing in these pics.

      Love the photos! You two look wonderful!

      Love these! Congratulations!!!

      Congratulations! Beautiful pictures & beautiful couple!

      Christina Patterson

      Jannie and John ~ what a loving couple and my OH my how beautiful you both look together. Photographer did a superb job of capturing some great expressions between you two for this very memorable moment. God Bless!

      I LOVE these pics!! so cute that you included Bailey. My favorite is the pic on the right below the golf ball – your smiles are beautiful!! That’s a lovely pic of both of you. Can’t wait for the wedding!!!

      These are awesome picturse of you two. It really captures the happiness the two of you share.

      Such a beautiful couple . . . actually family, including Bailey. Looks like they both scored a “hole in one.” Best Wishes. Alison

      Very nice…………Love the pics with Bailey and ya’lls fancy golf shoes. An awesome couple.

      Love Love Love!!!! What a beautiful story they tell!

      What beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! Love the colors in these photogaphs!

      You both look so happy!!!

      LOVE them!!!!!!


      What a cute idea for engagement pics! Y’all look so cute! Congrats!!

      Beautiful couple, amazing photos! Congratulations!

      You make a beautiful couple!! The pictures are fantastic!!

      Happy for you speedyjt-!! Congratz

      Awesome pictures John!!

      Beautiful pictures! Congratulations!

      Great photo! Wish both of you all the best!

      Gorgeous pictures! You guys are a good looking couple.

      The photos are absolutely awesome!! You look so in love!

      Congrats to the happy couple! These photos are awesome!!!

      Great photos of you and John!

      Love the photos! Very creative by turning top golf in to such a memorable spot along with taking great photos!

      Amazing photos for an amazing couple! You fit together perfectly! TopGolf is a cute idea…

      Wow! I like these photos. Very very nice….

      These are amazing…and beautiful! And you two look as fabulous as Bailey πŸ™‚

      I LOVE the genuine-ness in both of their faces and how it can be seen in their eyes too! Great job by all! πŸ™‚

      great pics!!!

      Great pictures! And of course I love how you included sweet Bailey!

      Beautiful pics!!!

      Great pictures cousin!! Truly captures love πŸ™‚

      Beautiful! Best wishes to you both and see you both soon!

      Beautiful pictures of a sweet sweet couple!!!

      Beautiful! I love the creative location to show off their personalities!

      Wonderful photos! The lighting was perfect and they look great!

      Jannie you look gorgeous! The photos are beautiful and vibrant!

      LOVE the photos! So creative!

      Beautiful photos! Very artistic!

      love the photos!

      Christina Bohannon

      I love that these were taken at the place it all started!

      Awesome pictures. You guys make a great couple!

      These photos are truly breathtaking. I can feel the love!