Felecia’s Bridal Portraits at Arlington Hall and Gas Monkey Bar & Grill


Can I just start this wedding blog post by saying that I think I have the coolest most amazing creative clients a Dallas Wedding Photographer can ask for? I have the honor to work with some of the most awesome people. I am so very excited to reveal these bridal portraits of Felecia. Now that she and Tyler have have had their wedding, I can air these beauties out on the blog. We did her bridal portraits around Dallas at her wedding venue, Arlington Hall and a super cool bar, Gas Monkey Bar and Grill. They scored us access to the bar during construction and we had free reign to go wherever we wanted. How about on top of this motorcycle in front of this “Texas” sign? Sounds amazing to me…lets hop on up there!! Felecia mentioned a possible location of the  bar and that she had glitter and a giant balloon. When I showed up that day, I my expectations of the day were far exceeded. She had a group of friends and family to help her get into her dress, clean up around the bar to keep her dress looking flawless and chauffeur her around Dallas to the different photo locations. It was an amazing day filled with so many high-pitched squeals from me when I would peek at the back of my camera with excitement. I just loved it. I can’t wait to share their wedding on the blog … such a fun couple! Thanks for inspiring me with such a fun bridal portrait session pretty lady!

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Here’s one of my favorites from Felecia and Tyler’s wedding! Love the double-sun we found from a nearby building reflecting back some killer backlight!



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  1. This day was so much fun! The photos turned out amazing and I am so blessed to have had such wonderful family and friends with me the full day to make everything go so smooth. Thank you Amy for great photos , such a fun day and well…being you!

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