Annela & Marcos’ Beautiful Corpus Christi Wedding


These Dallas wedding photographers hopped on a plane to photograph the beautiful wedding of Annela and Marcos. Welcome to Corpus Christi, Texas.Catch up by checking out their sweet sunrise Dallas Engagement Session here! We also had to make a stop by one of the oldest burger stands in Texas….an A-frame Whataburger. If you live in Texas and you have been to Whataburger, you know all about their “fancy ketchup” 😉 There is no shortage of this fast-food chain in this city. Back to the wedding…that’s what I get for trying to write a wedding blog post too close to lunch time! Annela and Marcos met at Texas A&M and have been sweethearts since college. We visited their school while we were down and made a stop to the apartment where it all started. The current tenants even let us in to take a few pictures on the balcony! The gorgeous Catholic Church where they tied the knot was near and dear to their hearts. St Joseph Catholic Church has been a part of their families for many years and it was so beautiful! The guys and gals got ready at the Omni Hotel. After the guys were all suited up and ready for the big day, we took them around the city for some fun urban formal photos. We got Annela ready for the car and they were off to the Church. After the wedding we stopped with the bridal party for some fun shots on the bay. The reception was held at The American Bank Center. The room was spectacular….draped ceilings, details dripping gorgeousness all over the tables and two amazing cakes….one for the Houston Astros of course too!

These two danced the night away with a live band and the good company of their friends and family. They had the grand exit with sparklers. We were so honored to have been able to photograph your wedding and we wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter…may each day be better than the last!

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