Back in the Dallas Office … Let’s Do This!!


We are back in Dallas and ready for the second half of this year….LETS DO THIS!!

Sometimes you have to just shut off everything and recharge your mind and soul. We thought about leaving the bustling city of Dallas and heading somewhere a little quieter, sandier and with more waves. This year marked the first year we saw a generous break in our wedding photography schedule long enough to take a family vacation….OUR FIRST real vacation as a family. Wedding season in Texas seems to have shifted a bit in the past few years. We still see many weddings in the summer months, but now September through November are becoming increasingly popular with Dallas, Texas brides and grooms. We saw a break in the schedule and decided to make a run for it and have a much needed recharge for our creative souls. All of the hard-drives were backed up off-site, in fireproof safes on-site and current files in hand just in case. Our 3 location rule was still in full effect for our precious client files.

Sammy was going to have his first trip on an airplane, a trip to Disney World, Legoland, a sunrise boat excursion, and his first time to build a sand castle on a beach. We made our way to Florida to visit my brother and his family for 10 days. I am so grateful to be able to have a profession that allows me to say, “Hey, I am not available for this project because I will be out of town spending much needed quality time with my precious family.” I am so grateful for the clients that fill my schedule to allow me to have recharging times like these. I literally shot a wedding the day before we boarded a plane for this adventure and as soon as we landed back in Dallas, I jumped in the car and headed south to Austin, Texas for a wedding conference that same day.

I am so very grateful for the ability to say that I am busy. I am also grateful for refining my workflow so much that I was able to still maintain my current and potential wedding client’s needs. Four years ago I would have been terrified to think about being away for 12 days and what my to-do list would look like when I returned. I had my vacation responder set on my email, but came home to very few unanswered messages in my inbox (I was fielding them while away on the iPad), two wedding albums were approved and ready for print before I made it back to Dallas, I booked a commercial shoot and a wedding, and a portrait session and wedding was uploaded for client proofing all before I made my way back from Austin to Dallas.

What’s a wedding photographer’s blog post without some pictures? I decided to add some eye-candy for you. The first image is me playing with my underwater photography in open water while Sammy was learning how to boogie board and jumping the waves. The last image is the beautiful sunrise we saw while out fishing…..this excursion ended with a “Humans 0 Fish 1” score.

Thank you so much to all my current, past and future wedding, underwater and commercial clients that allowed our family to have a such a wonderful time. We love you all dearly!


2 thoughts on “Back in the Dallas Office … Let’s Do This!!”

  1. Thank you for sharing the great photos of your trip and I am so glad that you were able to take this time with your family! I agree having the luxury of being able to pass on projects for much needed family time is truly the best reason for being an entrepreneur. You truly deserved this time! I can’t wait to hear all about your trip the next time I see you and like always I love looking at your photos on your blogs, Instagram and Facebook 🙂

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