Sareh & Art’s Retro Up Themed Portrait Session


Meet Sareh & Art….two cool cats so in love and letting me show them around Bishop Arts District.

Sareh and Art contacted me for a wedding anniversary session with a retro Up theme…from Disney Pixar. At the beginning of the July, these two adorable lovebirds celebrated 2 years of marriage. But……… their story starts way before that! They went to the same middle school, high school and even Columbia in New York. Art studied Law and practices here in Dallas so they now call Dallas home. Sareh is about to start medical school in Lubbock at Texas Tech and time was of the essence to get this session on the books. When they first booked the portrait session, I was a so excited about it BUT when I saw them, it was instant inspiration. Sareh was in vintage amazingness…complete with an awesome estate sale find, a pill-box hat! I can’t forget those red soles…those little peep toes from Louboutin. Art was bringing much dapperness in a slick three piece suit. I swear they looked like they just stepped off the set of Madmen with all their mid-century modern cuteness. I was chasing light around like a little cat at their session and they were just glowing. We started the session and I was getting to know them and asking them if they have an adventure book. Its only fitting right? I will be the first to admit I loved that movie and I cried like a total softy. I am such a sap.

This session was fun, full of laughter, and love…I enjoyed every minute of it. Sareh & Art, I wish you both a lifetime of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last!

dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-018 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-019 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-020 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-021 dallas-wedding-photographer-retro-up-themed-engagement-session-022

8 thoughts on “Sareh & Art’s Retro Up Themed Portrait Session”

  1. These are such beautiful pictures! They’re so whimsical, you truly captured who we are as a couple! We are so excited about them! Thanks again Amy you are so talented and fun! we loved loved loved working with you!!

  2. Sareh is genuinely the most amazing gal! You nailed it capturing their unconditional love for each other. Good job!

  3. Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple! So handsome, my nephew Art and beautiful wife Sareh! Love you!

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