Melissa & James in Downtown Dallas


I love photographing such sweet wedding couples! Meet Melissa and James … I am pumped about their fall wedding in Dallas and can not wait to photograph them again. I first met Melissa at a Dallas wedding show…OUR FIRST BRIDAL show in 7 years. I can’t tell you how nervous we were to do our first bridal show. We were about to be in front of a ton of couples…all looking through our work. Ok, so I was super-pumped about it, but really nervous.  I saw this red gorgeous hair walk into our booth and said, “We NEED you in front of my camera”. Its true…we (ol’ Canon gal and me)..we needed it!. She had talked me a little more after the show and was still unsure of her wedding date or venue. Once she decided on Hall of State and a date, we were ready to get Melissa and James on the books (and in front of my camera!). She is working with a fantastic wedding planner along the way and I was excited to meet her as well. Kimberly, with Hitched Events….I knew Kimberly and I were going to be great pals when she said “oh, I love your big wedding albums!”. Over coffee, we chatted and I looked at some of Melissa’s artwork as well. Its not every day you meet such an inspiring person. Melissa is a true artist. She has some amazing work and I was in awe of her talent. James is an attorney but quite the artist himself. He proposed to Melissa with a song, that he played on the guitar, and sang….be still my romantic heart! Old 97’s “Question” to be exact… Can it get any sweeter? Well, almost….they brought cupcakes to the session and they were delicious. Not quite as sweet as their story…but certainly yummy! We started the session in the arts district of Dallas and made our way around town finding the most beautiful light.

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26 thoughts on “Melissa & James in Downtown Dallas”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures Amy! So glad you were at the bridal show (it was my FIRST ever and only show). Still remember when Melissa and I first came to your booth, making our rounds, then coming back to see you (again and again). This Mother of the Bride is just beaming over these beautiful photographs! Thank you for so beautifully capturing Melissa and James! 🙂

  2. These are beatiful! My 2 personal faves are the one where they look like they’re dancing in the fountain and the one where she’s lifted (it’s adorable AND sexy!). Great job capturing them both. : )

  3. These pictures are so artistic. They look like they could be in a coffee table book! Melissa looks gorgeous and the two of you together look so happy! Cheers and Congrats!

  4. Mary Lee Dichtel

    As Melissa’s great-grandmother would have said in her Scottish accent, ” GORGEOUS, SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!” I agree.

  5. Jennifer Guidry

    What great pictures, Melissa! I am so happy for you! I truly can’t decide which one I like best – they are all so gorgeous! You will make a beautiful bride!

  6. Melissa! I love your sense of style. I’m not a flaming fashion freak… no, no. I’m just a guy with an eye toward how details move souls to act intentionally, inadvertantly, without or with our individual awareness that a focus is upon the horizon… always! Cheers to the sharply dressed man, too.

  7. WOW – now that I have seen the full shoot, these photographs are truly just a sampling of your gorgeous work! So thrilled!

  8. Mel, I still remember the weekend we hung out in SF with Erica and you talking about James, and how he was going to pick you up at the airport. So happy for you guys! Congrats! You look absolutely amazing!

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