Jennie and Robbie’s Dallas Engagement Session


Meet Jennie and Robbie. He’s an investment banker, she’s in fashion … together they are an adorable couple with a sweet pup named, Tigg. Their Dallas wedding is going to be at an amazing event space, Three Three Three this spring and I am stoked to work with these two for their wedding. When the stars aligned and we were all available, we jumped at the chance to get their session on the books. It was a great day for portraits. The weather was amazing. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Tigg was out for the session and was a very well behaved gentleman. He got a little anxious when Jennie and Robbie made a mad dash to change outfits, but other than that, he was a super-loyal fun sweet pup. He loved to give kisses to Jennie and Robbie….and to me too. I loved that pooch to bits..he reminded me of my Maggie May with his sweet temperament.

Their outfits for the session were coordinated so well…a little sad the tweed jacket from the email didn’t make the cut to the session. Take my word for it, it was awesome! For our session, we hit some Dallas favorites and it was great. Jennie and Robbie wanted to make sure the city was a big part of the session because they love the city. They live in the city. And also because Dallas is way awesome! We started with an urban feel and lots of color, then made our way north to the Arts District. There we made a stop at a few of Tigg’s favorite spots too. He was excited and thought it was play time when we hit the water. I did too … just sayin…a little addicted to water and underwater photography. This session was so much fun and getting to know Jennie and Robbie was great. I hope Tigg still has his job as ring bearer so I can see him again soon! As I was packing up to leave, I said I would see them soon and Robbie said the exact number of days until the wedding. Love it when the countdowns start … exciting times ahead 🙂 and see you two lovebirds soon!

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