Its time to fall in love with Felecia and Tyler! I am so excited about their Dallas Wedding! They met way back when they were still in school. He went into the Army, got stationed in Europe and Felecia followed. She said she loved their time in Europe. Their chemistry was charming and I loved photographing this session. We were running around Dallas this week for their engagement session. I chase the sun in my sessions and light is a big deal to making the images you have grown to love about my photography. We crafted our timeline and started at their Dallas wedding venue, Arlington Hall at Lee Park, then to the Dallas Arts District then to the roof of South Side on Lamar. Tommy and Angie, Felecia’s parents, were with us and took lots of behind-the-scenes photos. Thank goodness I washed my hair and put on a shirt to cover my rear. They had a friend at South Side we went to visit before we made our way to the roof. I must say when I saw who their friend was, I was slightly star-struck…like, “should I tweet or instagram this?” kind of starstruck. Felecia’s family run a business, 360 Wraps…shout out! and all work together. The dynamic was great and they made me feel right at home like one of the gang. A big thanks to Tommy for chauffeuring me around keeping me hydrated with fresh water! And Angie, for sharing her iphone photos on the cloud and both of you for being great!

      Talk about an infectious smile. I dare you to look at Felecia and not smile – she’s got one of those faces that you just have to smile back at 🙂 When I first met with the gang, I knew it was going to be a blast to work with them. Tyler wore an undershirt that I was instantly drawn to. It had the words, “LOVE” and “LIFE” on the shoulders. He was about to cover it with another (cute) top, when I asked him to wear it for a few images. They are some of my favorites from this engagement session. So glad he wore that! Enjoy this session and be sure to leave these guys some blog love….it would make my day 🙂

      dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-017 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-018 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-019 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-020 dallas-wedding-photographer-felecia-tyler-021


      Amy you were able to capture the true essence of there two wonderful kids. I say kids because from a grand mothers view they really are still kids to me.

      Felecia you look so amazing ! Completely breath taking!
      Cant wait to see you at your wedding!

      Can you tell me where you took these beautiful photos in Dallas?

      amazing photos your happiness has truly been captured

      The pictures are awesome!

      These pictures are beyond amazing! I am so proud to call the two of you my friends! Congrats!

      Congrats! You guys look absolutely beautiful together….. Love the pics!

      Grandma and Grandpa

      Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she beautiful, what an adorable couple, and best of all she’s ours, and so will Tyler be soon. What beautiful babies they will have.

      Amazing photos and beautiful chemistry!!! I pray they have a life time of happiness together!

      Many more great years to come! Congratulations!

      What a beautiful bride to be! Congratulations!

      The shoot was amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better photographer, pictures, fiancé or family, everything went awesome and turned out perfect and Amy captured that. Thanks Amy, I love you Felecia!

      Tyler, I am so happy for the two of you. You have worked so hard and endured so much but the prize is that little girls affection and it’s clear to see you have that! Congratulations ,,,,,and Flea, we need to talk about a dowry!!! 🙂

      Love love love these pics!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!

      Felicia and Tyler these are absolutely stunning. Cuz your pic on the roof is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures❤

      What lovely pictures…can’t wait for the wedding…these are beautiful…Great Photography!!!

      Wow Angie, these are wonderful pictures. You must be so proud and excited. Blessings to you all.

      Fantastic pictures for such a wonderful couple

      They are beyond stunning! But how could they not be with an amazing couple like TJ and Felecia! Great work, photography, and beautiful couple… Makes it all come together perfectly 🙂

      Y’all are just too cute!:) and so so happy for y’all!!! Great pictures!!

      Great pictures! Love the locations!

      I am in love with these pictures! You guys look amazing and they turned out great!! Can’t wait to see the bridal’s next! 🙂

      Holy smoking hot!! Felecia and Tyler look great!! I can’t believe I just looked at my best friend’s engagement pictures!! Whoop!!!

      Awesome pics, Fe!! Your hard work in the gym and self discipline have paid off!

      I’m so proud to be your trainer!!

      Best of luck to you both!

      Love, love, love!!! Southside pic is my favorite too!

      Now you can all see why I started crying when Amy showed me the very first shots! It took all of my willpower to keep from weeping as I watched my precious daughter so completely happy. I always new this time in our lives would come, but I could have never prepared myself for the overwhelming joy and pride I felt when I saw Felecia and Tyler so effortlessly posing (which I don’t think they really did much of – I think they just had fun and acted like themselves) while Amy snapped away as they joked and laughed and genuinely had a great time. This photo shoot signified the kick-off event for the wedding and I, as the MOB, could not be happier with how the day came together flawlessly! Thank you Amy, Tommy, our friends at South Side on Lamar, and of course, Felecia and Tyler for making it a perfect day!

      Stunning! Felicia should be a professional model (but I have always thought that)!!
      I know you both are very proud and excited. Remember, don’t stress out over the
      small stuff! Everything will turn out perfect!!! xoxo

      Tia these are beautiful. You and Tommy have raised a beautiful and smart young woman.

      Beautiful couple. Congrats

      Perfect pictures! Wish you the best!

      Cuuute! Wish y’all the best!

      Love these pictures! You both look amazing! 🙂

      Wonderful pictures! Love the red bottom shoe!

      Great photos!

      Congratulations guys! Looks awesome!

      Amazing pictures, Im happy for you guys……Can’t wait for the wedding….

      Beautiful couple

      I love these!! You two look absolutely amazing and every picture just shows your love for each other!! So glad you’re my cousin and Tyler welcome to the family=) love you both!!

      OMG! Loveee! You guys look great! Two little lovebirds!

      Absolutely stunning! Such a sweet couple!

      One of my most favorite couples ever and yes, Felecia does have a smile that can light up the room!! 🙂 these pictures are amazing!

      Awesome photos!! Felecia looks smooooookin!

      Amazing photos! I loooove them all and Felecia u look great!!!:)

      Great pictures!!!

      You two look amazing.

      Nice pic’s my fav is on top of south side bldg!!

      Beautiful shots!! You have an amazing talent of understanding your clients. this is sooo tyler and felecia!!

      Wow thats my granddaugther.

      Great blog and amazing photos….you captured us perfectly!