Abbe and Jordan’s Coffee Shop Session


I sometimes get the itch to do personal work so I can push my boundaries and flex my creative wedding photography muscles. It was about that time for something like this. Meet Abbe and Jordan. I first met Jordan at a wedding we were both working; he’s a awesome video dude. He and I became pals and kept in touch after the wedding. He has been dating the beautiful Abbe for about 2 1/2 years and they wanted to make some awesome portraits with me. Jordan and I chatted it up on Facebook and brainstormed some ideas. With the winter weather being pretty unpredictable in Dallas, we thought an indoor spot would do the trick for the session. He and Abbe dig coffee, so I suggested one of my favorite spots in the Bishop Arts District, Oddfellows. I met Abbe and Jordan there and Abbe was dressed so cute. They styled the shoot nicely and complimented their clothing really well. I often tell me clients to coordinate, not match. Choosing outfits that compliment each other and still keeping with their over-all style. They loaded Abbe and Jordan up with a couple of cappuccinos fit for the lovebirds. We then drove to a nearby park and got some ridiculously awesome golden hour light. Other than Jordan sending me a few inspiration images and telling me about an overall style he had in mind, I had 100% creative freedom for the entire session. Enjoy these images from what was a super fun session that got lots of attention on Facebook and had Abbe and Jordan’s friends asking if they were engaged. Ha!

dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-002 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-003 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-004 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-005 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-006 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-007 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-008 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-009 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-010 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-011 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-012 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-013 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-014 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-015 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-016 dallas-wedding-photographer-abbe-jordan-017

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