Alisia and Brian’s Fort Worth Engagement Session


I love laughing, crazy-faced photos just as much as I love the somber, sweet images….if this Dallas Wedding Photographer catches you with my camera doing this, its going to be quickly one of my top faves of you! Alisia and Brian are beautiful, loving troopers. We photographed their engagement in Downtown Fort Worth in some pretty low temps, but that didn’t stop the amazing time we had. They didn’t mention once about being cold. Of course, I kept them all snuggled up during poses, so that helped for sure. We talked about locations and Alisia was up for anything I threw at them. They are dancers, lovers, and avid sports fans. Alisia is a Texas A&M Aggie, WHOOP! and Brian is a LSU Tiger. I was able to hear more about the couple as we walked and talked and stopped for some beautiful photographs. I just loved the pops of color from their outfits on this super-hot spot, Scat Jazz Lounge in downtown Fort Worth. They made a quick outfit change for the next stop at T&P Station area in Fort Worth. We found some remnants of what seemed to be an awesome shoot … a little chalk graffiti. We just had to take advantage of someone else’s creative markings because they were so cute. So despite all the things the weather, the flu and the wind threw at us, their love shines through in these images. Their warmth, their kindness, and awesome smiles made my camera and me happy. I can’t wait to see your first dance at your wedding … I hope just as Brian described,  “sensual”.

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107 thoughts on “Alisia and Brian’s Fort Worth Engagement Session”

  1. Oh I just love them. You look so happy and beautiful. I can’t wait until April. Uncle Dale said, you 2 will have some cute little coppertops.

  2. Extraordinary pictures!! You both look fabulous and so beautifully in love! My heart is beyond thrilled for you and the amazing journey ahead for you two as one. Blessings, favor, and all the best to you possible this side of heaven. Looking forward to celebrating you on your big day!! Abrazos!

  3. Ya’ll are a beautiful couple & so happy! I can hear your laugh in these photos Alisia!! Can’t wait to catch up with you soon. Congratulations, I’m so happy for you!

  4. Congratulations on your engagement, Brian and Alisia! The pictures look great! I hope you have a wonderful life together and I wish you all the best!

  5. I have not seen Alisia for a long time. she has grown into a beautiful, successful young woman, just like her mom. I wish both of you great happiness. One comment: I guess true love can forgive the fact that Brian is a LSU tiger.
    Hopefully some day Pat and I can make it to Texas and see all of the Baker family.

  6. Absolutely stunning! The quality of the photos is simply amazing! The couple looks so happy! It’s incredible how the photographer capture their happiness in every photo.

  7. Congratulations! What an exciting time this is for you both. Marriage is a wonderful thing. I pray the best for you both as your individual lives become one.

  8. I love when a photographer can snap that perfect moment in time. Beautiful photos, great looking couple. You two look very happy.

  9. Too fun to be getting married. The pics are great. It will be 30 years ago when we were sending out our invitations. Seems like yesterday. Hold on for the ride to see where God takes you.

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