Kati’s Bridal Portraits in the Texas Wildflowers

As a wedding photographer, I love, love, love bridal portraits….I always get excited when it gets close to the wedding, beeeeecause, that means I get to share the bridal portraits with all of you! I keep them under lock and key leading up to the wedding, so no one sees the dress that shouldn’t see the dress. The first image is the one she decided to display at the wedding. On a very lovely day in April, Kati and her sister met me at one of my favorite spots to do her bridal portraits. This park is FILLED with wildflowers during a bit of the year and I have scouted it year after year and love doing portraits at this park any chance I can get. Her sister was along for the session to help with Kati’s gorgeous dress, hair, and makeup. Yes….her sister did this masterpiece. Isn’t she stunning? Its almost like she came out of the pages of a novel set in the roaring twenties. She looks great and talk about a very good model. She knew how to pose! Josh and Kati’s engagement session in Denton had some music because sweet, sweet Josh plays the guitar and brought it out to the session to play a few chords. Kati brought it to the bridals! I hope its still a surprise and he didn’t find out before the wedding. They were married at the Milestone, just outside of Dallas in Denton this week on a Thursday! Why on a Thursday? Because its their date night. Ok, I officially love this couple and their traditions are super sweet!

dallas wedding photographer bridals with kati

4 thoughts on “Kati’s Bridal Portraits in the Texas Wildflowers”

  1. Well, this is my daughter, so naturally I’m going to be biased…but these pics of Kati are wonderful! Amy you work with light so well and you seem to know just what to do to get your models to relax. I am thoroughly pleased with the bridals. Can’t wait to see the wedding pics. Thanks for sharing your talent for us to enjoy!

  2. Oh Kati…. you are totally beautiful! YOUR Nana and Grand Bill would have been all smiles….These pictures are breath taking….soooo much talent behind the camera, Thanks for sharing for us who couldn’t make it!

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