Amelia and Brooks’ Plano Wedding at Event 1013

Amelia and Brooks were married in March at beautiful destination wedding in Mexico, but made it to Dallas for a wedding celebration with friends and family. They invited me to document the festivities. Amelia and Brooks live in Washington DC. Leading up to the wedding reception in the Dallas area, we had only corresponded by email and phone. Upon meeting them on their wedding day, it felt like I had known them forever. They were like long lost friends. That’s so awesome when that happens!

The bridal suite at the venue is jam packed with little touches for any photographer to have a field day with. From the rich and vibrant wall colors, to the antique typewriter, then the plush furniture. Amelia and Brooks set aside a lot of time to do portraits that day because there wasn’t going to be a wedding ceremony. So, we roamed around downtown Plano with some balloons, lots of laughs and two very wonderful people in love. The atmosphere was relaxed, fun and full of personal touches. Amelia’s mom, Sue did so much to make the wedding beautiful. The venue, Event 1013 in Plano was overflowing with so many unique touches….table runners sewed by Mom, cupcakes from the best recipes, planters filled with greenery, and a much more! They had an absolute wedding fiesta, complete with enchiladas, salsa, and specialty sodas from Mexico. It was a great day to celebrate love, laughter and family. Thank you all for making us feel so welcome.

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