Kim & Doug’s Turtle Creek & Arlington Hall Engagment Portraits (sneak peek!)

This time of year is always a special time for a lot of couples. They are planning their weddings and having Dallas engagement portraits taken all over the bustling city. Kim and Doug are two awesome folks doing just that. During our engagement session I asked them to use 3 words to describe their relationship. Doug immediately says two…”long” and “distance”. They have spent most of their relationship in separate cities. Kim is based in Dallas for work in accounting and Doug is stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas in the Air Force, and their wedding is a destination wedding in Georgia. When we did come up with the three words to describe their relationship, the engagement session took off. Doug and Kim are adorable together.

We started off the engagement session at Turtle Creek in Dallas and had some fun near the creek and around all of the lush greenery there. Afterward, we made our way over to Arlington Hall at Lee Park to finish with that gorgeous golden glow near sunset.

I won’t get to sneak into their luggage for their wedding, but it sounds amazing and I can not wait to see the photography from it!

Thank you for the fun time today! More to come soon 🙂

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