White Rock Dallas Engagement Portraits with Lindsey and Shea

Lindsey and Shea’s engagement session was full of laughter, giggles and sweet moments. These two are so much fun! Shea is finishing up his MDiv at Perkins SMU and Lindsey is currently interning at Stardust Celebrations. She gets to be around beautiful wedding gowns all day long (I am a little jealous). What an appropriate place to intern when you are in the fashion industry and planning your own wedding!

This was my first time to meet both of them. They brought along some items from the proposal for me to photograph. Shea planned an elaborate scavenger hunt and the end was Lindsey’s engagement ring. I LOVE it! They also shared that the wedding ring is made with conflict free materials. The band was made with recycled materials and the diamond is conflict free as well. The wedding ring came from Brilliant Earth and was gorgeous!

They changed into their second outfit, complete with family pearls from Lindsey’s family and Shea’s Texas Cowboy Boots (he’s not from Texas – but is fitting in nicely). We were sure to get that golden light right before sunset to finish out the session. Thank you both for putting up with my sound effects, laughing non-stop, and being so cute! I am really looking forward to your wedding in June :)

3 thoughts on “White Rock Dallas Engagement Portraits with Lindsey and Shea”

  1. Aren’t they cute?! We hope the wedding will be as much fun to photograph as this – thanks for the great work!

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