Hooray for maternity sessions that step out of the box a little. Meet Tamra and Tyler (or see them again as I was there for their engagement portraits, bridal portraits, and wedding photography and day after session). Tamra runs Groom Sold Separately with me and she’s such a wonderful person. She and Tyler are expecting the arrival of little Creighton Davis in April. Sadly, they just moved to Texarkana, but I am sure I will get to snuggle with that little guy soon enough. I feel like the session really pulled a lot of their characteristics out. They are fun, caring, loving, and creative. Enjoy and congrats to you both….its an awesome time being a parent πŸ™‚


      Aw – I love them! So beautiful – & man, did you have to haul that bed out there?!? Such a great idea!

      thanks so much … it was a photog secret about the bed…lets lunch and I can share.