behind the scenes at a wedding in weatherford

It is sometimes amusing to cull the images of a wedding and see yourself. Sometimes you are posing for the couple, sometimes you are caught in mid-sentence, sometimes you just get to see how YOU look on the other side of the camera. This wedding was my first wedding back after a major surgery and I struggled at times, but without the help of my wonderful husband, Jon and second shooter extraordinaire, Jason, I couldn’t have made it through this wedding. I am always making sure to give my clients the ultimate experience and I strive to make sure they have images that are unique and timeless.

For this wedding, we scouted the grounds a bit before the wedding and after the ceremony we darted over to check out this bridge. We though it was locked – BOO! We thought it was “locked” and then viola, it unlatched….YAY! I trekked on over to the other side and casually planted myself steady for this shot. Without prior scouting we would have never seen this bridge. It might only take you a few minutes to find the place, but it could mean a lifetime to the couple.

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