Dallas Show :: Photographs from the Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Wedding Gown Tour

Take 1000 wedding gowns (yup, that was THREE ZERO’s), put them in a trailer, get an awesome tour director (Brenda), and hundreds of happy brides finding the wedding dress of their dreams and what do you get? You get the Brides Against Breast Cancer Nationwide Gown Tour! They stopped through Dallas recently (actually Arlington at the Hilton) and we were honored to be a part of such a great event. The charity benefits Making Memories. This was our first year to be part of the show, and our committee was a great group of awesome wedding professionals. Our sponsors included :: Hilton – Arlington | Amy Karp Photography | Texas Wedding Guide | Sarabeth Events | The Creative Touch Events by Lauren | DiFiori | es Events | Romano’s | Elle Films | Something-You | GroomSoldSeparately

The gown sales this year for 2010 were 4 times as much as last year. We are already planning how to make 2011 even more spectacular! Thank you all for your support to spread the word and brides for coming out to find your dream wedding gown and make some wishes come true.

The committee members just couldn’t help themselves…the show was wrapping and we needed some wedding dress therapy!

And if dressing up in wedding gowns wasn’t enough for you….we also put on crinolines and did the Can-Can.

I had a fun time taking brides out to the lobby at the Hilton to model the dresses and see how they would photograph. Makenzie (below) is not getting married, but we had a blast dressing her up and putting her in the couture wedding gowns from Stanley Korshak.

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