my style & editing

      I would describe my style to be clean, modern, cinematic, and fun! I approach each session with fresh eyes and tailor my shooting style to fit my client’s needs. I have experience in many variants of lighting situations. I am always improving my skills and giving my clients the best experience possible and my goal is to continue to produce timeless imagery.

      What do I get on my disc? How many images do you edit? What is the difference between basic editing and special editing? Will you do special editing on every one of my images?

      All of these questions are frequently asked and the best way to explain is to show. I am a visual person and I hope you are too. The two images below best depict what my editing levels consist of. First, the image is taken and the far left on both is LITERALLY (*gasp, I cant believe I am showing this!) straight out of my camera. The next level of editing is basic corrections. Most of the images you see on my site only include basic editing and sharpening for web. I believe the best image editing is the editing you can’t see.

      The basic levels include (but are not limited to…) contrast enhancements, color corrections and enhancements, sharpening and exposure level corrections. Each image you receive in your gallery has had these basic editing corrections applied. Next we have my special edits….these are the images you might see on my blog or my site. Not all of my blog files are considered special edits because I like to keep my processing as clean as possible. Sometimes I might do some fun toning on a photo and those are considered special edits. These are ONLY available for print and do not come on disc. I do edit each image more extensively if it is purchased for print (larger than 8×10) or is chosen for an album.

      If you would like to have any blemish removal, stray hair fixing, background fixes, they can be done most of the time, but require a fee at an hourly rate for image correcting. This type of editing is considered special editing and is only available for print or products. No special edits will be released electronically.

      Skin retouching, blemish removal, stray hairs….these are considered a special edit and come standard with a print larger than 11×14 and albums. You must let me know if you would like any of these completed before they are sent to print.

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