Frequently Asked Questions

      Where is your studio?

      – its your home, your location, your choice. we are on-location photographers. we prefer natural light and feel it is the most flattering light for portraits. because we work in the elements, sessions may be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

      When do I need to schedule my session?

      – weddings ::  brides book us as early as 2 years in advance and wedding season is during the summer. we generally only book a limited number of weddings per year, so make sure your date gets saved by calling early!

      – engagement & bridal session :: as soon as you book your wedding, you can get your sessions on our calendar. In the warmer months (mid-June through early September), we only do sessions inside or at sunrise when its not as warm.

      **all sessions require a non-refundable reservation fee**

      **sessions inside of Texas are subject to Texas State Sales Tax**

      What kind of equipment do you use?

      – I use Canon professional digital SLRs

      – we use digital darkrooms and CS5 to edit EACH image as we see fit. Basic color correction, toning, and sharpening is performed on each photo

      – each session is backed up twice before editing begins – onsite and off.

      What does custom print mean?

      – because each image is digitally retouched to suit the client, its custom.

      – each print is also archival quality and printed in a lab

      Do you offer albums?

      – YES! We have several different albums to choose from and albums are not just for weddings. We offer baby brag books for parents and grandparents. All of our albums are custom designed. Wedding albums come with preflight design and up to two revisions ask about them during your consultation.

      What do I wear to my session?

      – for engagement sessions, matching is completely up to you, but keep it simple when having multiple people in your photos. knit fabrics that do not show wrinkles well are preferred. gals a little extra make-up on the eyes and lips AND, don’t forget your bling. we use the ring for certain shots. guy make sure your socks match (they do show!)

      – for bridals, FIRST, your dress is pretty important next, if you would like your veil in some images make sure you do not have your stylist install it with your do. we will put it on during the session. ALSO, flowers be sure to have a bouquet if you would like one in your images. the bridal sessions are a great time for a trial run with hair, make-up, and flowers, but be sure you are completely pleased with these things before your shoot.

      When will I see my pictures?

      – portrait session galleries are usually ready in 2-3 weeks for viewing and you will receive a password to your gallery for purchasing.

      – wedding galleries are usually ready in 6-8 weeks for viewing

      How many images will I see from my session?

      – image quantities vary by session and cooperation, but for a full portrait session I guarantee around 50+ proofs

      – weddings vary by shoot time and cooperation

      How do I order my pictures?

      – each session will have a separate online gallery that is password protected. tell your family and friends so they can see them also!

      Portrait Session Frequently Asked Questions

      Location – we work all over the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex and have several ideas if you don’t have a place in mind. We will work with you to find a place that is unique to you as possible. Do you spend time at a favorite park? Where did you get engaged? Where was your first date? Let YOUR story write the script.

      Posing – since we like to let you write the script for the day. We will pose you a little and let you fall into your comfort zone with each other.

      Timing  – if you are drawn to those dreamy golden natural light portraits, you will need to schedule your session around that time of day with your photographer. There is a time of day we photographers call the  golden hour   Its a magic time of day when the sun is closer to the horizon and the hues are warm and soft. The light is more diffused and the shadows are longer. This time of day is a great for those romantic shots you are yearning for.

      Wardrobe & Theme– we are seeing a lot more thought go into the theme and outfits with portrait sessions. The internet is your friend if you want to see what different outfits will look like paired together. We are happy to help you with this as well if you have any questions. Knit fabrics are the best to keep the wrinkles in your clothing from showing. Steer clear of lighter colors on areas that are not your best asset. The lightest part of the image is where your eye is naturally drawn to. We say coordinate, but not match. You can even create your own style boards on some clothing websites. Bring everything together with accessories! As for a theme, we say keep it unique to you. If you enjoy reading books, bring along some books. If you have a HUGE love for animals and your pets are your fur babies, bring them along. If you are thrill seekers and search high and low for carnivals and theme parks, ask your photographer if you can have your session at one of those places. Imagine three words to describe your style, your relationship and your personalities … combine these words to create a perfect session (with help from your photographer of course).

      Professional Hair and Makeup  YES. Do it  Set the curling irons and makeup down, a great makeup artist can make you look and feel amazing and your confidence will translate beautifully in the images. These are not your everyday pictures and you will be wanting to hang them in your home and give them to family, so splurge on this item.

      Lastly, just have fun  you are spending time with your best friend and soul mate. You will cherish these images for years to come!