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Love your Lowepro x200 camera bag as much as I do? Did one of your wheels have a blow out like mine did? Were you just as sad to learn that there aren’t replacement parts for this product? I did some searching online and found a few spots for the wheel repair and thought I could at least attempt to repair my broken wheel instead of shelling out almost $400 for a new rolling camera bag. I travel a lot for weddings and this bag fits perfectly in the over-head bins stuffed to the max with my photography gear. I really didn’t want to part ways with it just yet. With the help of my handy husband, we gave this gal some sparkly new wheels. Of course, you can opt for the ones that best fit your personality … I found some that light up and with glitter. Pimp your bag however you’d like 😉


Here’s what you will need:

Hex Tool (we used the Husky brand, but they all do the same thing)

Inline Skate Wheels – 80mm (I bought an 8 pack for sharing or in case I had another blow out!)

Bearings (these also came in a handy 8 pack)

The axle spacer from the existing Lowepro wheel

Pliers and a flat head screwdriver


First, we removed the old wheel. Be sure to keep the screw. You’ll need that for the new wheel. lowepro-x200-wheel-replacement-03

Pry out the old bearing so you can get to the axle spacer.


Put the new bearing in the new wheel and the existing spacer on the inner side of the new wheel. lowepro-x200-wheel-replacement-05

It will look like this (inside is facing up).lowepro-x200-wheel-replacement-06lowepro-x200-wheel-replacement-07

Screw on the new wheel, and viola … Total cost of this project was about $40 with shipping and tax. Best part, I get to continue to use that awesome bag!!lowepro-x200-wheel-replacement-08 lowepro-x200-wheel-replacement-09

29 thoughts on “Lowepro X200 Wheel Replacement”

    1. Hi! Any idea if the X100 wheels are the same as the X200 (80mm) wheels? My X100 wheels are officially dead.

  1. Hello!

    Just Googling and found your blog.
    My Lowepro Pro Runner x450 wheel also blow out Sep 12, 2014 and I’m looking the way to replacement this thing until I bump to this blog.

    Thank you.

    1. I’ve purchased a LowePro ProRoller x200 in Kuwait. Unfortunately, one wheel of the trolly bag got damaged within just 3 month.i’ve been trying to fix it since then but the parts were not available in Kuwait. It would be great if you can let me know how To find the part. If you can send the parts, that would be great. Awaiting your response.

  2. Hello! Just Googling and found your blog.
    My Lowepro Pro Runner x450 wheel also blow out Sep 12, 2014 and I’m looking the way to replacement this thing until I bump to this blog.

  3. Thanks for this post. It was exactly what I was looking for to fix my Lowe pro bag. When I unscrewed one of the wheels I found that the internal thread had knocked out of place, so I glued the bearings to the plastic hole using epoxy resin and it seems to be just fine. Thanks for the instructions!

  4. Thanks so much for this info!!
    I actually used the existing bearings with the new wheels. You need to leave the bolt a little loose, but appears to work OK.

  5. Thanks for this. Here in sydney australia i was also looking for wheel replacement on my lowepro 150 roller bag which like yourself i love! have ordered new wheel replacement from e bay


    Thanks for the tips

    I really need a new replacement for my lowe pro old bad wheels, the rubber on my wheels are completely worn out

  7. Well, I tried this but the nut inside the axel case came loose and is sitting inside and I can’t get the bolt threads to catch in the nut. Of course the whole wheel unit is riveted and glued with planned obsolescence. Any ideas? I may have to send to a luggage repair shop.

  8. Greetings from Malaysia! Just bought secondhand Lowepro Attache, the wheels just worn off. Really help me alot! May God bless you for helping others!

  9. I followed the links to Amazon for the wheels and bearings but they did not fit my Lowepro Pro Roller x100 (Not AW, I have an older model). The screw was too short to reach the threads. This was even after light tapping it in to make sure. Or the wheels are too wide.

  10. You seriously rock for putting these links in here! :D:D:D:D

    Just bought them and can’t wait to change the wheels! I love my bag and don’t want to get a new one Haha!

  11. I’m about to try to replace the wheels on my Lowepro X300. Can you tell me how you got the bearings out and back in? I don’t see any instructions on how to pull the bearings out. If you try to hammer them out you can do some damage to the bearings. Did you press the bearings out or use a punch and a vice?

    1. Hi

      Just wanted to share this website below which I found on replacement of wheel for LowePro products. It has instructions and photos of each step as well.

  12. Hi. Please can someone direct me to relevant replacement wheels. I have tried so many but can’t find wheels that fit. Thanks

  13. I just purchased a used Lowepro roller 2 camera case to replace one that worked for us for years. It is bigger than the newer designs. However the whelks fell apart already. I’m looking forward to trying this. We’ll see if it will work for this case.

  14. Buongiorno ho un trolley Lowepro x200 una ruota si è staccata privo del suo bullone ho trovato qualcosa da adattare, ma mi sono reso conto che all’interno manca il supporto filettato come posso riparare il trolley qualcuno a qualche consiglio ……

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