Underwater Wedding Day-After with Vanja sneak peek!

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I made it to the surface again to post a few more images from another underwater photography session. I find myself holding my breath underwater instead of using the scuba gear. I soon realize I can breathe, but its fun to see how long I can make it with my clients. Vanja and her husband were such troopers. I loved how soft the images turned out. They are fun and whimsical. Her wedding dress is stunning and moved beautifully underwater. I have now added underwater wedding photography to the arsenal. The first few shoots were underwater maternity photography. This time we used no backdrops and didn’t cover the pool to diffuse the sunlight. It is a completely different look. Oh, we also brought a few props along and tested others for more upcoming underwater shoots.

The first test was balloons. I have a bit of a crush on balloons and with Vanja’s pearls, it was fitting to add the touch of whimsy to the shoot. You can’t blow up balloons with air or they have too much pull to the surface underwater. We figured out a perfect technique to still have the “balloon” look without the pull on the bottom. We spent a little time at Hobby Lobby picking up other items…one of them was a disco ball 😉 The others are yet to be announced and TOTALLY worth the wait. Lots of color pops will be in the future as long as I am shooting underwater. The next session is a family THIS WEEKEND. I am so excited to share this beautiful style of photography. Please enjoy this sneak peek of a bride and a groom in full wedding attire UNDERWATER!

Also, if you want to have a go at this yourself – the underwater photography giveaway ends today! Check out my Facebook page for more information.

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