Liz and Jr are truly and madly in love and it is written all over their faces. I met Jr on Twitter one day when he and Anna were tweeting back and forth. A few tweets later and we were meeting at a Starbucks in Dallas discussing their wedding plans. They were married at Fairy Tale Manor in Frisco, Texas. I was stoked to see all their details…..especially the cake toppers. Liz said, “it looks just like, Jr, right?”. They were fun. Stay tuned for this heartfelt ceremony. I cried, I laughed, and giggled. It was great!

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      […] bit to capture the gorgeous snow. If you would like to catch up with part1 of this wedding, go here. Stay tuned for part3 with the party. One of the most fun cake toppers from etsy and we paired them […]

      Beautiful pics! Its so weird to be browsing through your photos and realize I went to college with the bride! Crazy!