I am not sure if it gets any cuter than this happy couple. Brent and Ashley found me through Jessica. When Brent and Ashley sat with me over bagels at Einstein’s in Plano, I listened to Brent gush about their wedding plans. I am so fortunate as a photographer to have couples so involved with the actual wedding planning process. Brent, I think it truly awesome for you to be so involved. After our carb overload, we talked about locations for the engagement session and the Las Colinas Canals was the winner. You two are fun, sexy and dramatic and I think you both could have a future in modeling.

      sidenote :: I shot Ashley’s bridals earlier this week….HOT! Wait for that one, your eyes my fall out of your face, its so hot!

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      LOVE THESE!!!! What an attractive and fun couple to shoot! Can’t wait to see the beautiful bride and the wedding pictures!