Kacie and John are two folks that could get me in trouble as a photographer. Their willingness to go ANYWHERE in Dallas I (or they) suggested made our engagement session an absolute blast! The Meyerson was a treat. We arrived and were a little under the gun to shoot and get out due to another event scheduled for the evening. We worked around all of the decorations and managed to find some fun places! Enjoy the show and thanks for stopping by.

      Kacie and John had to stretch and get warmed up for the rest of our session together ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas has such a rich color palette and all the history of this hotel is so fascinating. We had to take advantage of the big red couch, because its Kacie’s favorite color!

      Thank you so much for the crazy fun day with you engagement session….it was a blast!

      Kacie didn’t want the fun to end…her expression when I said our session was over:

      and Johns….(:D)

      that’s a wrap!


      SO much fun! Love that they were willing to go anywhere!

      Oh my gosh! I love them, I love them I love them!

      haha love it!! such a fun couple – and the locations are great!

      These are gorgeous! I LOVE that first one of them on the red couch!! Beautiful session.