Here’s the last installment of the Gia Wood hair shoot…if you would like to catch up on the action and take a break from the wedding posts, please go here, here, here, and here. Ok, all caught up? Now, meet Holley Dorrough! She’s the model with the Southern Accent that had me laughing most of the day! I typically work with brides because I specialize in weddings, but every now and then I get an opportunity to shoot something like this and really flex my creative muscles. It was really nice to work with these girls to try different poses and learn different lighting techniques. Thanks Gia for choosing us to do your promotional shoot! I am in love with the images. Don’t worry brides, I am not going anywhere…my heart is in wedding photography! Can I just say that the McKinney Cotton Mill is one of my favorite places to shoot? If you are looking for a rustic place that reaks of awesomeness in Dallas, this is the place to go for your pictures!


      The attitude in the last two is super sexy. And I love the bottom right pose– so strong!

      Love this work. Inspired, sexy and classy!