How awesome is it that we (wedding industry professionals) get to have so much fun? Our networking events make a regular party look like study hall. Recently, OK, not recently, but this is the first chance to post these images….a group of us got together in downtown Carrollton to have a little shoot-out. These photographers are some of the best in Dallas and I felt very honored to have the opportunity to swap ideas, watch them pose, and just listen to them. We all got a chance to take some of our own photos, but most of the time it was a free for all and the longest lens wins 😉 Tod and Ashley were the engaged couple that so graciously let us attack shower them with our cameras. And Jared Rey is the awesome dude that organized the soiree! There were several of us out that day. Here are some of the fabulous images I managed to snag in between talking 😉











      Here’s the list of the other awesome photogs in attendance: Allison Davis, Andrea Crosswhite, Catie Ronquillo, Celina Gomez, Jared Rey, Jason Anderson, Jason Huang, Josh Littrell, Magaly Abbott, Stacy Reeves & Stephen Brown. And for fun, here’s some behind the scenes from the day:


      top row LtoR: Josh Littrell (and his lightbox), Celina Gomez middle row LtoR: Jason Huang (and his iPhone), Stacy Reeves (and her posing skills) bottom row LtoR: Jared Rey (and his speed to get out of our shot), Andrea Crosswhite

      Speaking of doing awesome things…

      I want to wish all of you a fabulous and wonderful New Year :: Happy 2010! On, January 1st, I sat reading emails that I desperately needed to get caught up on from the holidays. I opened an email from Kelly Simants. As I opened this email, I started reading and felt a huge desire to really ROCK 2010! I am constantly improving my photography skills, but learning how to run a successful business is something that drives me these days. After I read through this email I IMMEDIATELY signed up for Sage Wedding Pros, The Simple Plan.

      If you are not in Dallas, no worries, these gals are taking their SMARTS all over the country. Click on the link for more information and jump start your business in 2010. I seriously adore Chris Ryan from The Ryan Manor, he has been such an inspiration. The Simple Plan : Dallas is being held at, where else, The Ryan Manor. Chris is constantly telling people about Groom Sold Separately. I am so excited can not wait to soak up all this information in less than a month!



      Thanks so much for spreading the word about The Simple Plan…thrilled that you are going to join us!!! It’s going to be a blast!

      We’re sooooo excited that you’ll be at The Simple Plan! Can’t wait to help you ROCK 2010!!!! Thanks Amy.