Who doesn’t LOVE  a good party with friends? And if that isn’t enough, top it off with some fabulous wine! Chris Ryan and John Kacinski hosted ‘A Renaissance Wine Tasting with Friends’ at The Ryan Manor in Dallas.

      The evening featured select wines from the estates of Moët Hennessy, paired with the amazing food from CN Catering.   Grailey’s Sommelier D’Lynn Proctor walked through the history and stories of the vineyards. Toward the end of the evening we sat in a very intimate setting and awed over the musical talent of Gary Levinson with the Dallas Symphony. It was a truly magical evening. Be sure to go all the way to end. I shoot with a Canon 5dmkii and used my camera to capture some video of their performance. Enjoy and Salud!


      Probably not the easiest of settings to get inspired … but you did. Awesome job girl! Love the vids too … can’t wait till I have that ability.

      I love these images. You really told the story of this event!

      I viewed the Saturday night party before leaving for Florida….great pictures…..Bravo!!!!!

      Oh, wow! These look so fun! I love the Dallas Symphony 🙂