I heard about the ChrysQ Winter Workshop for her Album Slipcovers and just had to go. Not only do I LOVE her product, but I think the Q’s are pretty swell! Ben was so generous to share his lighting knowledge. I used all available light but I did see how Ben creates those studio light images. Then we went over to Forbeyon to see some awesome behind the scenes work with their gorgeous albums. Forbeyon is the company I will be exclusively using for my flushmount wedding albums in 2010.

      Ben shared some post processing techniques (of which I used to process all of these images!) :: Thanks Ben!! You have saved me tons of post processing time in Photoshop and I can get back to being behind the camera more shooting weddings instead of the computer! He talked to us about neutral density filters and beauty dishes and made my want for equipment list grow (my husband thanks you for that one!)

      Enjoy these images I snagged in between talking to all the other awesome photographers in attendance :: It was so great to meet you at Thirdspace, Dallas!









      ChrysQ is too cute and you captured her perfectly!

      Amy, these are great! I LOVE the last one, it really captures the moment. It was great to meet you at the workshop! Keep up the Great Work! -Michelle Dulock

      It’s always so fun to see what other people grabbed from the same situation. I was gabbing in the corner when that last shot was set up and taken and now I’m a little mad at myself that I didn’t squeeze in and try to get a few of her with that fake snow!

      Hot stuff Amy! Love the Q’s too!