You might possibly scroll down and want to come back up to read this part of the blog…alright, back? Why in the WORLD did we hang her dress from a playground? Well, Brandi and Holman are in the learning business, also known as educators. They didn’t meet that way, but the proposal is enough to make your heart melt. Holman proposed to Brandi at his grade school playground in Houston….(*swoon!*) and WAIT…it gets better! He talked to Brandi about this girl he went steady with in grade school and talked about her being his first crush and he wanted Brandi to be his last! Holman, do you offer classes for this? There might be some fellas that want to enroll in a few of your classes.

      Enjoy part one of Brandi and Holman’s wedding in Rowlett, Texas and be sure to stay tuned for the ceremony and reception. We had a blast!


      Beautiful! I love the dress shots and boots! πŸ™‚