Peyton and Chris got married at the Dallas Museum of Art, in Dallas πŸ˜€ It was such a beautiful wedding. Originally scheduled for the sculpture gardens, however the October rain in Texas had other plans for them. I had been a member of the Dallas Museum of Art for a long time and have always wanted to shoot there. The first time I met with Peyton and Chris, they started to talk about how he proposed and what plans they had for their wedding. They are both architects, and had a very “planned” idea about how they envisioned their wedding. I was bursting on the inside listening to their wedding plans. From the location of the DMA to the custom tailored suits Chris and the guys would be wearing. I was so thrilled to be the photographer to tell the story of their wedding day!

      So back to the rain….because the rain decided to rain on our parade, plans changed for the party, but Peyton still brought all the FIERCE to her wedding :: she is HOT! This bouquet is seriously one of the most gorgeous things :: orchids, HELLO! And Peyton’s wedding dress, could it be any more perfect for her? Oh, and the wedding rings….the rings! I don’t have words, just look for yourself. Part two of this wedding will be full of the closest ceremony pictures ever (there was NO aisle, so I was behind the officiant trying to be as discreet as possible) a mini-couple session with Peyton and Chris being so in love with each other and just more hotness! So stay tuned blog stalkers, and non-blog stalkers :: this wedding is gonna rock your socks off! A big thanks goes out to Celina and Jessi for helping me! πŸ™‚













      I am Chris’s cousin and I attended the wedding, it was amazing! Chris and Peyton are such a beautiful couple! I love photography and I love these pictures, you could not have captured it any better! Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I’m sure Chris and Peyton love them!

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      i freakin LOVE her dress and jewelry!!

      […] Peyton and Chris said “I do” amongst some of the greatest works our world has seen at the Dallas Museum of Art and watching the two of them together was just AS breathtaking. Chris looks at Peyton and it makes you FEEL his love for her….really feel it! Enjoy the ceremony and formals as I cook up the reception for you munch on. Again, its something HOT; you will want to come back for seconds! For those wanting to feast on the appetizer, here’s part 1 […]

      You’re now one of my favorite blogs to follow. I love this wedding. I love, love, love it. Beautiful work!!!

      Love the series of her by herself! She was such a beautiful bride!

      WOWSER!!! Amy, one of the best shoots you’ve ever done…Outstanding!!! You continue to satisfy my need for beautiful photography.

      Hi Amy.. thanks for the blog love.. I wanted to return the favor.. love your work… and that dress on this bride.. I need to get married again so I can wear it.. .haha.

      Have a great Holiday..


      I LOOOOVE THESE!!! Great job!

      Can’t wait for part 2! =)