Let’s get lee + stephanie married. I just received a notification on Twitter that Stephanie was about to look at the CD with all their wedding images! Whoooohoooo…now, she gets to be on the blog!

      I talked about Stephanie’s eyes dancing when I was editing her bridals, but you should have seen them on her wedding day. She was glowing all over. I could tell Stephanie and Lee have a very deep love for one another and it filled every room they were in. Enjoy these images and stay tuned for the rest of their wedding.  It was the first time for a few things with this one; including a separate location to take formals with over an hour to play! Also, I must say my appreciation for my second shooters certainly grew stronger with this wedding. I was all by my lonesome for this event. Be sure to leave some blog love…I am a sucker for comments 😉

















      The rings on the piano keys … woah … awesome.

      […] is part2 of Lee + Stephanie’s wedding (part1 is HERE). We were at a few places for pictures on their wedding day, so be sure to stop by the blog to see […]

      […] are links to the other stops along the way for the day (part1 & part2). I will let the pictures do the talking, I am now craving fajitas for some […]

      WOAH. The ring shots, especially, are rocking my world. Thanks for your comment on our blog- we’ve been reading yours for about a month now.

      We love the eye candy we find here, Amy!

      Well HEEELLLLOOO super woman! I don’t know how you did it by yourself but you did a wonderful job! OMG I love LOVE LOVE the ring shots, and the about to kiss shot, and the exit…. and and ok I love all of them! You rock missy!

      Can’t wait to see your pretty face on Thursday 😉


      Looks awesome! You must have mad ninja skills to be in so many places so quickly to get the shots you wanted—great work. I just think you are a detail master.