Matthew innocently went to the doctor for ear troubles not knowing that he had already been tagged by the nurse as a good candidate for Kiley to date! The day he came in the doctor’s office was of course focused on his ear problems but also highly focused on what a good catch he was. Afterall, Kiley’s mother worked at this doctor’s office. As he was checking out, it was decided by the office that he would be perfect for Kiley, so her mother did some investigative work. She had to make sure he was single! After that was determined, Kiley’s mother went in for the kill. Her mother came home that night with Matthew’s phone number! Kiley thought she was nuts and ran through thousands of reasons on why she shouldn’t call him. Kiley never did. One week later, Matthew had to go back to the doctor’s office. Kiley’s mother asked if she had ever called and Matthew said no, so Kiley’s mother gave Matthew Kiley’s phone number. Now the ball was in his court. Matthew took a week to call Kiley, he too thought of a thousand reasons on why he shouldn’t call her (why didn’t she call him, is she weird, etc). Matthew’s brother Phil really convinced Matthew to give it a shot and call Kiley. A Thursday night, Kiley was babysitting, Matthew called. The two talked for over an hour and were trying to plan a night they could get togeher. It wasn’t until a week later that they met for dinner (Kiley had an exam the next day). Matthew came and picked Kiley up at her house and boy did she think he was hot! The date was perfect, and both wanted to see more of each other, lots more. And the rest is history……

      PS – I hijacked that story from their wedding site. I have to admit check up on you brides when you add me as your Facebook friend and send me links to your personal pages. PLUS, I get to tag you in my image uploads and who doesnt like getting tagged in a picture (except when its you, on a boat, in a 2 piece bathing suit! thanks Susie!!!) I share my personal life sometimes on my blogsite and a lot of my brides feel like they know me before we even meet. Its only fair for me to check up on you too πŸ˜‰

      Kiley + Matthew are the sweetest couple! I loved hanging out with them, their friends and family. I even swapped some photography information with her MOH, soooo sweet! The girls were all by Kiley’s side as she got ready in the hotel. I felt so special to be a part of that.

      My sides were hurting from all the laughs. The night before I watched I Love You, Man and there was a deleted scene from the movie…very funny (check it out on YouTube). I showed the guys this video clip, so they knew what to expect from our formal photos. They obliged for the most part πŸ˜‰ Most of them grew up with Matthew in New York and they were picking on this little Texas girl! Sorry we were not able to get in the fountain for your images guys, but in hind-sight I truly think it was a blessing. Who wants to get bailed out of jail on their wedding night?!?!?!

      A big thanks goes out to John for helping me rock this wedding! Stay tuned for the ceremony and reception. You don’t want to miss it. There will be break-dancing and boot-scootin’ – New York meets East Texas!









      gag reel!






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      Great job! Happy bride = success! Nice details — The Q’s

      Beautiful blog and even more beautiful pictures Amy! Words cannot express how thankful Matthew and I are for the great images from our wedding. We will cherish them forever!

      Great stuff!

      Amy – Thank you! I can only hope πŸ™‚

      Suki – me too!

      Michele – Thank you soooo much!

      Allison – Thanks! I loved her dress also! Those are actually my shots – John has the parents and groom mirror and handkerchief shot

      Lovely! Great little details. Her dress is super-awesome. πŸ™‚ You did great with the ladies and John did great with the men – great team. Can’t wait to see these dancing pics to come. πŸ™‚

      love it all Amy! Beautiful as always!

      I am so totally in love with the back of the wedding dress.

      That picture of her in front of the window is lovely. They must be thrilled with all of these!