The rubies were red and the sky was blue……

      Dara and Patrick said “I do” at Chandler’s Landing in Rockwall in July. The lake was a perfect backdrop for this fairy tale to happen. There were rows and rows of the yachts docked and this especially lent a lot of color to the scene. Dara’s nieces were the flower girls and they are so precious – I was seriously thinking about putting one in my shootsac to take home for my little guy, Sammy! Dara and Pat kept it pretty intimate; only one attendant on each side. Pat’s brother was his best man and Dara’s twin sister was her matron of honor. The wacky zany picture taking maniac ring bearer was Jett, patrick’s son. You will see what I mean about his description in the next wedding posts. Dara’s sister’s husband was the officiant. Talk about a family affair! On to the pictures – Dara sent me a message after seeing these images wanting to know how I got her dress in that tree – I will never tell, but I do have those ninja skills, remember? The last picture of this set has me wanting to say something I have been wanting to say for a LOOOOONG time. When Patrick opened his gift from Dara, he said, “is it a PS3?”, and since I knew what it was, my response “Dude, you are NOT gettin’ a Dell!”. This present was from Dara’s “other” part of her bridal session and supposed to be for HIS eyes only. I guess she and her new brother-in-law are a little closer than they were before……he was peeking – I SAW HIM DO IT! Enjoy this set of images and don’t forget to leave this handsome couple some blog love!













      I L-O-V-E the shot of the bride on the couch in front of the huge windows!! I’m sure she’ll treasure it forever!