Ladies and Gentlemen……START YOUR….well….you get the idea.  Back to the blog today is Dara, and boy is she ever back!  Her bridals were actually shot in two parts;  part one is for Patrick’s eyes ONLY.  :)  Part two is all you get to see, unless you know Patrick and have something you can blackmail him with!  I love, love, loved this girl.  We have almost the exact same eye color, so that was an instant connection for me.  The eyes ARE the window to the soul, right?  Dara and I met while I was shooting a wedding in Febuary 07′.  At the time I was 8 1/2 months pregnant.  Yeah, I know, I’m a trooper.  I shot that wedding in house shoes and all.  She knew if bed-rest and an enormous baby belly couldn’t stop me, then nothing would.  I met Dara and her twin sister Tara at our initial consult.  These two ladies are the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  Dara can be pretty quiet, so when she showed up for the first part of her so-called “bridal” session dressing the part, I just knew there was a tiger in there somewhere.  Dara, you saucy minx!  I picked a few of my favorites from our “traditional” session to show you guys.  How can you not love her?  She is just so adorable.  Don’t forget to leave Dara some blog love, ’cause she rocks!






      Amy and Dee
      Wow these pics turned out so good. Amy if i could do my pics all over again for my wedding I would get you to do it. You are the coolest… You are the one to go to to get the best shots and the most creative.
      Dee you look great. The way she captured you is amazing. I am excited that you have some great memories to look at. I miss you so much!
      Thanks again Amy you are so sweet! Next time Im in Texas maybe you can take pics of the girls in bluebonnets. We do not get those in AZ!
      Thanks to you both for such a fun time!!!