it’s time to party with megan + jared and just in case you missed the first two parts of this love story, you can find them right here  { part1 & part2 }. I loved this wedding in all of its southern charm glory! I was completing the formal pictures with the couple when Jeremy headed over to the Greenery in Waxahachie, TX. This was where we did part of megan’s bridals. Jeremy caught all of these gorgeous detail shots while I was RIDING A FIRETRUCK!!! What??? that’s one of the many perks of this job!

      About this firetruck – I had to wear a seatbelt (safety first, right?) and got to sit in the front seat. Directly in front of me where these two HUGE temptations…buttons labeled, “SIREN” & “SIREN BREAK”. It was pretty loud during our ride and when I asked if I could push it (probably 10 times) I wasn’t getting a response. I kept taking pictures of it hoping it was push itself! My requests turned into, “I am about to push this” (probably said that a few times too) then finally to “I AM PUSHING THIS!!!” – that’s right, I got to sound the siren just as we pulled into the reception site! WHAT AN ENTRANCE!!! We took a few more pictures with the truck and headed in to dance away the night.

      Kirk with ProDJ Entertainment worked the music and we partied all night!

      Congratulations megan + jared!









      Beautiful photos Amy! I always enjoy looking at your photography, it always reminds me that I have so much to learn still and how much I want to learn it

      great blog amy! thanks for the smitten blog love. LOVE your detail shots!

      adorable wedding! love your style! πŸ™‚

      Fun shots! And i love where you put the rings for that shot πŸ™‚

      Amy, these are absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE them!

      Awesome pics Amy!