Tamra and Tyler were married at Oakmont Country Club in Corinth, TX and I was there to share in their joy….despite all of the incredibly chaotic things to happen, this was one of the most beautiful and touching weddings I have ever been to! The Harpist was supposed to play for the processional and didn’t make it, so Tamra had her wonderful Uncle, who was also officiating the ceremony announce to her guests she would like them to hum the bridal march as she walked down the aisle….I usually get sappy during weddings, but this hit really hard. I was so touched by how all of her guests played such a huge role in her wedding! It was very moving. But lets rewind to the beginning of the day. I arrived at her house where the girls were getting ready. I wanted to get the dress out to take pictures when I saw this bible laying on the bed beside the dress. Her Mother opened it for me to read. Tamra’s Father presented this to her the day she was born and it read, “On your wedding day – I pray God will richly bless your marriage – Love, Dad”. WOW!!! There is so much evident love in that family and I felt welcomed from the moment I met them. I love my clients!!!


      It was an incredibly awesome wedding – Tyler hit a HOLE IN ONE that day (and raked in some spending money from the other club members – who were laughing and joking every time we walked through the grill)! I wanted to incorporate a golf theme into their ring shots….I just LOVE the one I got! I saw this cart sitting there ready to go out on the course, when I hijacked it to get some pictures with the ever-so-perfectly placed pencils! I almost pulled some balls out of the bag in the back, but figured I would get in trouble for that one.ร‚ย  And then Tamra told me Tyler was getting an awesome gift for the wedding from her! Yeah, it was pretty flippin’ awesome! I will let the pictures do the talkin’ – cause that’s what I do….I tell stories! Enjoy these wonderful pictures and thank you Tamra and Tyler for sharing your joy with me – you both ROCK!!!!



      lets get married!




      the party is next….so stay tuned!



      […] already saw Tamra and Tyler get married….now it’s time to party. I mean relive it anyway. What a party it was. […]

      That looks like a beautiful wedding! You look amazing and your photographer did an outstanding job at capturing some seriously unforgettable shots. Thank you for sharing. It just got me even more excited for our big day in just a few weeks! By the way I found my veil ๐Ÿ™‚ which is a little like your veil.

      Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! Congrats Tamra. I’m so happy for you.

      Best from Denmark,

      Amy, you have captured a once in a lifetime wedding with your talent. Looking at these moments makes me feel as if it is happening right now, again. I can’t wait to see the complete story. You definitely have a tender heart and wonderful talent. Thank you for making my kids day so special where they will always have every moment for a lifetime; not just in their hearts and memory.

      amy wasn’t kidding- chaotic just begins to describe that day! amy did such a good job capturing everything. i hardly noticed she was there! the sneak peek looks amazing and i can’t wait to see the rest! amy, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… you’re unbelievably talented!!! AMAZING!

      This is why I love blogging so much, because those ceremony pictures are so much more meaningful when you know what is happening in them. I was imagining guests with tears in their eyes humming the bridal march for that beautiful bride and I loved it! Her veil is shaped so beautifully in that last photo.

      Love that last photo. ๐Ÿ™‚ So soft and such a great moment!