I shot a wedding with Jeremy Gilliam last week at the City Club (69th floor of the Bank of America Building – Downtown Dallas) and the weather was less than desirable for the height of the building (tornado warnings!!!) Here a few of my shots from the wedding.


      they were up for anything – look at the love between the two of them!!!


      now for the cake!


      who doesn’t like a good cake fight! Check him out….it’s like he’s gearing up for it and she’s being so delicate with her piece!



      Great job Amy! Cool detail shots and I really like those portraits you got that we did at the end. I think you sold Jim out though, he ended up with cake in his face too! Ha. Look forward to working with you again.

      Love love love the picture down the hallway. The light is pooling so beautifully.

      It looked like such a fun wedding! Amy you ALWAYS do beautiful work! πŸ™‚ I’m an official blog stalker, hehe!