It’s been a while since I have shot a maternity, but boy I love those maternity shoots!!! I love glammin’ up the Mom-to-be and making her feel fabulous before she embarks on this very special journey of life! Meet Brittany – she is a doll! I was actually thinking to myself during the shoot, ” I wish my belly looked like that when I was pregnant”. She has the perfect beautiful pregnancy belly! It’s absolutely perfect-O. Little Kaylen is going to be a cute little girl with gorgeous parents like that!

      So we had to do some tricky stuff to get this first shot…like go to my house to create the tag and get the ribbon. Yep, this is my front yard – glad my hubb-O spends his Saturdays babying the yard to get the grass this fabulous!


      Back to Downtown Garland we go – I just love this quaint little area. Perfect lighting, cute scenery….it’s a must have in my arsenal of locations! Maybe I can take YOU there one day!



      dont you just feel warm all over looking at this sun-kissed image??? Yumm-O to the sun!


      I am completely torn on these next two processing – I love the vintage look, but the processing in color is very majectic! hard to decide, so you get to see both.



      Congrats to Brittany and Ryan – I can’t wait to meet Kaylen and snuggle with her when she is here!



      Gorgeous work Amy.. love your blog