I must be in a bridal mood – maybe it’s because all the bridals I have been doing as of late.

      So here’s the skinny. I am doing a promotion for some fun bridals – it’s titled, “Take Me Away, Amy!”.Why does Amy need to take YOU away? What’s your story? Just want some stellar images of you in your dress? I am looking for some fun stuff – show me yours!

      I want to go here and I want to go there. Basically, my call my shots, I get to go wherever I want. This means you needn’t need a care for your pristine dress. No, I will not make you trample through the mud or go drive a fork-lift (although that does sound fun!). I want a bride that is fun, energetic and ready for whatever I throw at her (excluding the mud, again)!

      So, blog-stalkers here is where you come in. I need brides to contact me – either married or not – with images of them in their dress and their story WHY DOES AMY NEED TO TAKE YOU AWAY?. If they have been married, please note….dress needs to still relatively fit.

      I am looking for that gal, in that dress, for that shot!

      Please email me for promotion details and what the winner will receive. I look forward to all the submissions! How exciting is this?!?!?!



      thanks for the sweet words!

      […] true! GOOD CALL ON THE LOCATION, KAREN! loved, loved, loved it! karen is the winner of the “take me away, Amy” bridal, so we will be most likely going back to this photo-dream-land to do those. I loved […]

      It sounds Like FUNN! Ladies email email email! this is a heck of a deal!