Sunday was quite a wind-storm in downtown Prosper. It was crazy how windy it was. I was waiting for a tumbleweed to blow through, but no such luck! I had a fun time with Allison Davis and Abby Wood.  We were all three shooting each other. Abby is a expecting a baby and we were “documenting” her pregnancy. She is adorable. I cant wait to show off those cute pictures.

      Here are a few of my favorites I took of Allison, isnt she too cute???

      allison davis

      Ok….I promised to show these and I have to tell you. I am so much more comfortable behind the camera. I know I am a jokester and you will see that in some of these pictures, but man….I needed a glass of wine to relax. Jessica Stephenson at Jour Salon dolled my hair up – you should totally check her out. Dont forget to tell her I sent you. She is a rockstar!!! I came home to Jon (my husband) on Wednesday only to hear, “you have a Mom haircut!”. I was back in on Friday morning with Jessica getting colored and more glammed up.

      Here goes….I cant wait to share the image I was capturing here….I love it!


      photo by Allison Davis


      photo by Allison Davis

      this is my personality…quite the zany character. I was also showing off some of my camera collection in this photo. The Pentax in my left hand (–>this side), my step-father gave me while I was in college. I needed a camera for my classes and it had to be completely manual. I LOVE that camera. Nothing automatic about it and it is tack sharp! Next the weird thing in my right hand (<–this side), is a super-eight. My sweet husband saw it a garage sale and brought me a little surprise home. I think that camera is super-COOL! Next, the lark…it’s hanging off my shoulder (<–that side). My sister-in-law saw it at an antique store and gave it to me for Christmas….so needless to say, I love cameras and all that they do. OH…..I almost forgot, the one around my neck. It’s a little guy named Mark. He’s pretty awesome!


      photo by Allison Davis


      photo by Abby Wood


      photo by Allison Davis


      Dang hot mama! Your hair is as good as a prize in a box of cereal! I love it!

      It looks like Sunday went well!! I love the your photos.
      I want to model for you.

      AMY! I love all these pics! Looks like you gals had a great time!

      Amy-I love what you did in this photo shoot! Chase and I are the same type of couple-easy going, fun and country! LOVE IT. I am so excited 🙂

      See you June 8th!!


      Hey Amy, these turned out awesome! Thanks for the fabulous shoot. Abby and I had a totally blast. You were so fabulous with your posing skills. And I think you look so awesome in your photos. Thanks again!