I drove out to Rowlett to meet my first Valentine for the day. He was just getting ready when I arrived. His mom, Kalena and I practically grew up together. She lived across the street from my cousin and I was there so much during the summers.

      I cant wait any longer. I shot this babe this morning and these images were dying to get off the cards and into the computer for me to see. I am so excited to share with you how precious this little guy is. I am in love, again!

      After rearranging their entire living room (because I wanted this shot of Mom & Dad in the background of the image) we set up shop. I just love the color of this wall. It is so rich and vibrant….he looks like  a little king on his throne, dont you think?



      being this cute takes a lot out of a little guy….


      oh, the infamous basket…this one has seen many little behinds and it still as soft as ever. Check out their awesome fireplace! Steve, aka Dad did a lot remodeling in the house and we talked about it over cup of coffee – that tasted just like a like it!


      you cant tell from this image how large this bed is, but it was huge and I was trying to show how small Wes is compared to the bed, but ran out of backing up room. I am sure they wouldnt have wanted me standing on their dresser!


      meet Mr. Stixx


      this next one was a DAD request….he is ready for hunting season!


      I had such a wonderful time today – thank you for allowing me into your home and documenting Wesley’s 3 month pictures. I cant wait for you to see the rest!


      Amy, these are beautiful! You have such a great eye for just the right image! I so enjoyed the visit and can’t wait to see the rest. Thank you, Carol