I am so excited about my new camera strap. I got a shootsac for Christmas and I wanted to make sure to accessorize to the fullest! I was looking for fun new camera straps online and found several I “liked”….I knew I wanted fun and fresh, so I went to the fabric store and found some I LOVED! I decided to make my own. I don’t sew that well, so we were off to Arlington to pick the fabric, then enlist the help of my Mom’s sewing machine (and her hands of sewing expertise). I found a pattern to  make the slip-covers for my strap, so depending on the mood (or shoot) I am in, I can change the entire look of my strap. 

      Check out these saucy fabric choices! Can you just sense Sam’s excitement? My husband said his Mom used to drag him to these types of places when he was little, now he won’t step foot in them with me. He tells me “he’s running out of gas” ten minutes into the store. I hope Sam likes going, because I love it. Its arts and crafts….what a way to learn!

      amy karp | PHOTOGRAPHY

      Check out the finished product from one of my designs….I LOVE IT! 

      amy karp | PHOTOGRAPHY


      I saw some of your photography on Facebook from Katherine Walters and they are absolutly BEAUTIFUL! You are a very talented woman…so I was wondering, for future notice, how much do you charge. My senior year is growing near and I would love to have you do me the honor of taking them. 🙂

      Yes, I’m in Texas, Houston actually. I found your site on TPF 🙂 I’m Punkydoodles on there! The covers are super easy. I’ll try to write up a quick tutoria for you. If you can cut a square, sew two wrong sides together, turn and top sitch, you can make a new cover!!http://www.flickr.com/photos/maddiedean/3334134342/in/photostream/