Dallas Engagement Session with Megan and Chase

dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-01 I love to meet with a bride and groom before their wedding and talk about details, what they envision for their wedding photography and what attracted them to my photography. I usually get in-person booking meetings, but when the miles between us keep us from meeting in person, we opt for good ol’ fashioned Skype. I was so excited to meet with Megan and Chase to talk about their wedding … Photography is a high priority to these two and they are working with the fabulous team of Each and Every Detail. I’m certain Brooke is pulling all the stops to create a flawless event for them and putting together an amazing team of wedding professionals. We got together for their engagement session this fall and naturally, I saw water and got excited. If you get me close enough, I’ll ask you to get in with me. I am drawn to that H2O, friends…. I just can’t help myself!! You can see my underwater photography here. Back to Megan and Chase … they’re stunners and I had an amazing time getting to know them! Wishing you all many years of love and laughter and may each day be better than the last! dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-02 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-03 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-04 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-05 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-06 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-07 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-08 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-09 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-10 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-11 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-12 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-13 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-14 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-15 dallas-wedding-photography-smu-engagement-session-megan-chase-16

  • Megan Blaylock said:

    Thank you so much Amy for taking these beautiful shots! They turned out great, I can't wait to take more!! :)

  • Kelsey said:

    Awww!!! These pictures are ah-mazing! So pretty

  • Megan said:

    Beautiful pictures! Y'all are much better at the serious faces than we were!

  • Phoebe said:

    I absolutely LOVE these pics!! Megan is going to make a beautiful bride :)

  • Mallory Blaylock said:

    BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!! These are amazing pictures of amazing people!! My sister is going to be the prettiest bride in the DFW!!!

  • Mallory Blaylock said:

    beautiful pictures of beautiful people!! My sister will be the prettiest bride in DFW area by far!!!

  • Shalane Heath said:

    What a beautiful couple! You did an amazing job capturing their love.

  • Madison Callaway said:

    These are so beautiful Megan! Love you!

  • Brett Sayre said:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning! I can't wait to witness the ceremony and y'all's love for each other in just a few short months and look back on what are sure to be beautiful pictures and remember all the fun that we will have!!!

  • Tayloir said:

    Stunning!! So fun :) Can't wait for the wedding! <3

  • Chelsea said:

    These are amazing! You all look like a couple in a magazine!!

  • Denise Whitley said:

    beautiful photos Megan! Can't wait to come to the wedding!

  • bled nguessan said:

    Beautiful beautiful couple.

  • Marissa Benners said:

    beautiful pictures!!!

  • Courtney said:

    Cute pictures!!!

  • Jevon Oliver said:

    These pictures are beautiful! Can't wait for the big day!!

  • kacie hildreth said:

    These pictures are so great! Y'all Look so happy together!

  • Charlie Golding said:

    Chase is a sexy man. Looking forward to the wedding!!! These pics are so great, chase looks so rugged and manly!

  • Aubrey Jones said:

    What beautiful pictures!!!

  • Amy said:

    Awe so cute!

  • Aubrey Jones said:

    I love these two!

  • Melissa Smith said:

    Stunning pictures of a beautiful, happy couple. Hope you have many many years of joy together.

  • Chelsi said:

    Gorgeous pictures!

  • Laura hammond said:

    If ever a portrait captured the beauty of a bride to be better than these I want to see them. Well done and as beautiful as this couple.

  • Chase said:

    Charlie gets it.
    Amy was so much fun to work with and the pictures are perfect!

  • Amanda said:

    Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!! Love you guys :)

  • Alysha McDonald said:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!!!

  • Allison Fuzzell said:

    Gorgeous pictures of a stunning couple!

  • Allen Varghese said:

    *Sniff* Chase you just look so beautiful *sniff*...Megan you look good too I guess :)

  • Kenneth white said:

    you guys look great!

  • Alexandria Van der Stuyf said:

    What a beautiful couple!! these photos are stunning, captures so much happiness