Marissa & Jarrod’s Fort Worth eSession


Marissa and Jarrod’s wedding inquiry arrived in my inbox and I was so excited to meet with these two Texas Aggies. They are getting married in Beaumont, Texas in 2014 and have so many cute amazing camera drool-worthy details they are planning. Did I mention how cute THEY are yet? Well, they are super cute! They are both artists and their hearts are full of love. Jarrod came up with a brilliant idea (being a smart guy and mega-talented artist) for his proposal to Marissa. He designed it and drew it, painted it and gave it to her. Of course her answer was also a work of art…. she responded with her drawing as well! These two kept me in suspense and wouldn’t let me even see an iPhone picture of these pieces, so I had to wait until the middle of the session.

We started off our session in Downtown Fort Worth around Sundance Square. They dipped, and snuggled and did a lot of laughing. We made our way to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens where Marissa brought a chair that was her Great, great, great-grandmother’s. We found a beautiful oak tree with low-lying limbs and when Marissa mentioned it reminded her of her g-g-g-mother’s, it was for sure in the right spot. The signs came out and we did a little acting to create that “will you marry me” moment. Afterwards, we made our way down to the rose gardens and Jarrod gave Marissa a little piggy-back ride….whoa cute and those red lips! This session was so much fun. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

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  • Ryan Reynolds said:

    These are amazing!

  • Tanner D said:

    Y'all are way too good-looking of a couple.

    Can't wait to take our engagement pictures!

  • Meridith Alexander said:

    I love these!

  • Michael Catharine said:

    Absolutely lovely!

  • Rachel Mayes said:

    These are awesome pictures!!

  • Danny Janice said:

    Great pictures. , And congratulations Marrisa & Jarrod , goodluck

  • Briana said:

    Congrats, Jared! You've got a lovely bride :)

  • Angie Zimmerman said:

    Great pics...LOVE!

  • Laura Segler said:

    love every picture!

  • These two people are completely beautiful inside and out. They have such big hearts filled with love, endless opportunities with their talents in the world, and strong heads on their shoulders. Fun. Adorable. Perfect couple!
    These pictures are beyond amazing and just so beautiful.

  • Ellen Zimmerman said:

    They look so natural!

  • James Hendrickson said:

    Great looking photos.

  • Really terrific shots. Son, you done good! (And Marissa, you did all right too.)

  • Shelley Simpson said:

    Love these two!! These photos are amazing!! How do we choose?

  • Kathryn Crowell said:


  • Mary Perkins (Miimii) said:

    Beauty comes from within,
    and Love is the greatest gift of all.
    it is captured in these delightful photographs.
    From the day she was born, her light has shown,
    and Marissa is as beautiful from the inside,
    as she is on the outside .
    And I should know!
    She is my only granddaughter,
    among 5 grandsons.
    Jarrod, welcome to the family!


  • amanda jill said:

    Iove them all! can't wait to be a part of your special day! :)

  • lloyd smith said:

    Amazing pics. Jarrod, you've got a keeper. Welcome to the family Marissa.

  • Carly said:

    So amazing!!!! I absolutely love all of them. Such a beautiful couple :)

  • Sarah Zimmerman said:


  • Michael Lin said:

    crossfit's been paying off jarrod. keep at it!

  • Kade Kenney said:

    Michael Lin told me to comment. Y'all are a good looking couple.

  • Sam W. said:

    Y'all look so happy! Marissa, you're glowing! I'm so happy for you!

  • Rebecca House said:

    Aw Marissa you look so happy, congrats!! Beautiful pictures!

  • Bryan Lester said:

    Why aren't there any cats? I was promised cats...

  • Travis Zimmerman said:

    That's my cousin! Amazing pictures!

  • Heather Z. said:

    Aww, such a gorgeous couple! And the photos look fantastic!

  • Caitlin Zimmerman said:

    Congrats Marissa, you guys look really happy together! :-)

  • Tanya Boucher said:

    Amazing beautiful lovely and breathtaking!!! These pics capture your love in every aspect!

  • Cody Zimmerman said:

    Awesome pictures!!!! So happy for you guys! Congrats!

  • Kelsey Zimmerman said:

    Hey riss awesome pics congrats

  • Madelyn Kay said:

    Aww... my best friend looks so beautiful! These photos are amazing!

  • samantha white said:


  • Taylor shaw said:

    Y'all are cute! Congrats :D #yourbestmanishot

  • Michael Lin said:

    You guys are so beautiful, luckily you got such a handsome best man to be in the pictures with you!

  • Fernando Zambrano said:

    Totes presh#niceeyecandy

  • Anna Tereschenkova said:

    These pics are so cute! #Michael Lin...

  • Holly said:

    So pretty!

  • David Wallace said:

    Great pictures!

  • Chase said:

    Wonderful photography!

  • Daniel said:

    Well done pictures!

  • Morgan Johnson said:

    These are incredible! Red lips = most definite yes.

  • Allison Harbin said:

    Marissa and Jarrod 4 LYFE!

  • Patti Perkins said:

    These photos are so awesome! Only one problem, the wedding photos have a hard act to follow.

  • Jenna said:


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  • Rachel bendas said:

    Michael Lin told me to do this... Congrats!

  • William Alexander said:

    I like the pictures. You look great.

  • Greg Simpson said:

    Jarrod, you are carrying on the great Simpson tradition of picking a smart beautiful woman to share your life!

  • Chris lindenborn said:

    Congrats y'all! ( courtesy of Michael lin)

  • Alyssa said:

    Lurve em!

  • Shelby said:

    So so Beautiful :)

  • Jose said:

    Wohooo! Yall look happy :) Congrats

  • Amy said:

    C'est super!

  • Haley Simpson said:

    I love these pictures so much! Too adorable.

  • Tyler Brooks said:

    Absolutely stunning. :)

  • Tom said:

    Great pics, where's the flower?

  • Julia Horn said:

    They are soo precious! Pictures are beautiful!

  • Carol said:

    Beautiful pictures!!
    Love the chair under the trees.

  • Pam French said:

    Congratulations! Love, live and be happy.

  • Carl crowell said:

    We can't decide on a favorite... They are all perfect!!!

  • Diana Al-zubeidi said:

    Lovely pictures! Congrats ;)

  • Tim Swartz said:

    Mawwaige...mawwaige is what bwings uf And wove...twue wove.

  • Anna L Barrett said:

    The pictures are incredible...I see the love and affection you have for each other in every one. :)

  • Eric Pavik said:

    Hey, neat-o!

  • Lyndsay Mashe said:

    I love these so much!! Y'all are precious!!

  • Amy Hollingsworth said:

    All of these pictures are gorgeous!! Congrats!

  • Kelsie Welch said:

    Cute! Love all of her outfits!

  • Stephanie Soriano said:

    Woo! Cute pictures, y'all

  • Cullen said:

    You look happy...

  • Stephen Aldriedge said:

    Pictures look great! Congrats guys :)

  • Melissa Elliott said:

    Love the pictures!! :)

  • Angela Humphrey said:

    I love all of these! Yall are too cute together!

  • Emma Fisher said:

    Oh my goodness gracious you two are absolutely perfect together!

  • Hali Janice said:

    Love you and these pictures.

  • Laura said:

    Cute photos. Congrats!

  • Erin Baker said:

    Most adorable couple, so naturally the pictures are fabulous :) Great job!

  • David Reader said:

    Why was there an armchair outside?

  • Liz Stanley said:

    Awesome picture! Cute couple. Good Luck.

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