the dennis family | MATERNITY AND FAMILY PORTRAITS IN RICHARDSON | sneak peek!

This afternoon I enjoyed photographing this gorgeous family. Mommy is expecting baby #2 and Big Brother is just two days younger than Sammy. He was so well behaved for our entire session…I can’t wait to share the rest of this session with you all. The light was gorgeous!

  • Love these shots Amy! Zoe I'm sure it was quite different being on the other side of the camera, but you look beautiful!

  • Trish Burdett said:

    Beautiful work of a beautiful family! I agree the light looked delicious! Isn't Big brother just the sweetest little boy ever? Amy, I always love looking at your photography and now I am especially in love with it! 

  • Zoe D. said:

    These are so great, Amy! I love every single one of them for the light, the moment, the emotion you captured. You rocked our faces off! :-)

  • Lauren Warner said:

    These are stunning! The lighting is perfect and I just love the second one where Leo is snuggled up on Mommy. What a beautiful family!

  • Heather said:

    Zoe, you look beautiful. Love that dress! It's so exciting that you get to meet leo's little brother soon.

  • Renee Lewis said:

    Zoe you look absolutely stunning!

  • Natalie said:

    These photos are great...i esp love the one with the 3 of you..

  • Zoe looks fabulous - these pictures are great! I almost want to get pregnant just to have you take some photos - i know i know, i dont have to be preggo for that, im working on the husband to agree to a new couple session since he's lost some weight - but I do plan to eventually have you photograph us now that all the wedding hoo-ha is over.

  • Narci said:

    Gorgeous! They look like dream-like. . .beautiful!

  • Cheryl Hamilton said:

    Zoe you look so serious in the black dress when is it going to grace the cover of some famous magazine!

  • Raeanne said:

    These are amazing. Zoe is absolutely beautiful.

  • Megan said:


  • Great! The essence of this family's love was captured beatifully.